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+ Meetings...


  + When: Every month on the second Tuesday of that month.

+ Where:

The Seventh Day Adventist Church
(across from the Florida Hospital)

2800 N. Orange Ave.
Orlando, Florida

+ For More Information: If you have any questions on meeting dates or other inquiries on the group, feel free to contact the following people...

+ Chairperson: Karen Wilkerson @ (407) 944-1180

+ Vice Chairperson: Tammy Troutman @ (407) 657-0466

+ Treasurer: Bobbi Lyn Bolton @ (407) 673-4663

+ Meeting Updates: Current meeting discussions will be added below.

+ Ask The Webmaster: If you have thoughts on a discussion that should take place in the next meeting, please email me (chris) here, and I will add it to this page ASAP!

+ Hot Topics: Here you will find popular  postings in the message board about past or current meetings, not a member of the message board? No problem, click here, register, and start chatting with other group members.

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+ For more topics visit The HFSG Message Board, and if you have not yet registered, please do so if you plan on using our message board. -click here