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+ About Us: Welcome to the official Hydrocephalus Family Support Group web site! Our purpose is to nurture understanding, and increase awareness of Hydrocephalus in our community. We pledge to offer hope and encouragement by providing a chat, message board and contacts for families to learn, voice concerns and share experiences with Hydrocephalus.

+ More Information: The Hydrocephalus Family Support Group is organized through Pediatric Neurosurgery. Kay Taylor, ARNP is liaison between our group and the offices of Dr. Jogi V. Pattisapu, Dr. Eric R. Tumble, and Dr. Christopher A. Gegg.


May/27/2003: View the newsletter, also be sure to check up on the annual "Chances To Win" fundraiser, Proceeds from this fundraiser go to the Wade Center for Hydrocephalus Research to help find a cure for hydrocephalus.

April/21/2003: The site needs your help, if you know of any Hydrocephalus, or Family Support Group sites that may be able to link us, then please send the link here. We must get the site linked with other sites so more visitors can find their way here and become a part of the group! ;) Thank you to those that are helping, and also don't forget to join The HFSG Message Board, there are people that would enjoy having conversations about Hydrocephalus.

April/19/2003: The news will be posted as soon as it comes. Only the most important things will be posted here, like events, or maybe meeting changes. Everything else will be in the newsletter page. Sorry for the inconvenience.


May/27/2003: The newsletter has been added, along with some pictures of the spring picnic.

April/21/2003: A new page has been added... The resource page will give helpful ideas to those that would like to look into services that may be a good experience for the family. More resources will be added in the future, if you would like to share a resource link send it to here.

April/19/2003: The site has a new more up to date layout! The creator is me the webmaster; Christopher E. Pineda. I wanted something really nice for the group site, I didn't think about how I was going to design it, I guess you can say, "It just came to me in a vision." I hope it's eye pleasing. ;)