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Below are photos of the group and all the special events held throughput the year. If you are a group member and have a photo you would like to share with the site visitors, please send it to this email address here.

Picture Info: To enlarge a photo simply click on it, and the larger version of the photo will than popup, if you have any problems please contact the webmaster @ the following email address:


Photos of the:

Annual Spring Picnic 2003



+ Michael Fee


Michael was born at 28 weeks 2lbs 1oz he had a stroke some time after that caused the hydrocephalus. He is 3 now and has a double shunt. His ventricles did not communicate so the second one was placed. His last surgery was in Jan, 03 and he has been improving ever sense. I don't know what I would do without Dr. Pattisapu, he and his staff are greatest.